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Empower. Preserve. Educate.

SFW is dedicated to the conservation of Africa's most threatened species and empowering the next generation of conservation leaders. We believe if you’re on planet Earth, you have a role to play in combating our environmental crisis.

The objectives of this partnership include the following:

Empowering local communities.

Saving some of the world's most endangered wildlife

Supporting local partners and their conservation projects and initiatives

Essential wildlife ranger training

Biodiversity Preservation

We work in concert with other local conservation organizations like Rhino Revolution, Global Conservation Corps, Transfrontier Africa, and the Field Rangers Association of Southern Africa to collaborate on de-snaring missions, rhino dehornings, and scientific data collection.

Field Ranger Support

Wildlife rangers are some of the most undervalued frontline workers in the world. They lack funding, proper training, and equipment to do their jobs effectively. We aim to bridge these gaps by providing critical skills training, life-saving medical training, education, and equipment donations.

Community Empowerment

Communities are at the intersection of conservation problems and solutions. We contribute directly to education outreach projects that benefit local people who are most affected by conservation issues and often marginalized from decision-making. We aim to contribute towards generational change through economic alternatives to poaching, higher education, and career programs.

About SFW Conservation

SFW is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit organization based out of New York and operational year-round in South Africa. We support wildlife and biodiversity conservation by contributing towards our three pillars: biodiversity preservation, field ranger support, and community empowerment.

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