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The foundation of Mālama

Mālama embodies a profound concept in Hawaiian culture, signifying our commitment to protect, preserve, and care for the environment. Mālama is a way of life for us that we integrate into everything we do by ensuring each product reflects our commitment to preserving our planet and its people.

We are one. We are nature. We are Mālama.

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Our partner organisations in wildlife protection

The faces behind Mālama

Niolyne (left) is becoming a yoga teacher and has been on the path of natural medicine her whole life thanks to her lovely mother, that has passed on many pearls of wisdom. She is the brain behind the composition of the fragrances and essential oils, and lets the customers' well-being flow into the products.

Veronica (right) studies Environmental Studies and has a special connection to nature and animals, as she grew up on a little farm with many cute animals. She takes care of our partner organizations and is the designer of the products, packaging, website and overall branding.

Together we build the bridge between the old wisdom of natural medicine, the importance of wildlife protection, and finding balance in modern life.

We are one. We are nature. We are Mālama.

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Scent notes:
Oriental • Woody • Earthy • Citrusy

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