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10 herbs to calm down the nervous system - Mālama

10 herbs to calm down the nervous system

Learn how to calm down your nervous system in a truly holistic way. Herbs are one of the most efficient gifts of nature, in times like these where most people are suffering from stress and depression there are some herbs and medicinal plants that can help them find relief.
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The nervous system controls our body. As a complex system of messages between cells, muscles, and glands, it is an essential communicator between the brain and the body. The nervous system enables us to move and experience our environment consciously (touch, hear, smell, taste, or see) but also to function unconsciously, for example, by breathing, having a heartbeat, healing wounds, or digesting. It is a complex system in which information is constantly in motion to keep the body machine running.

In a high-paced society where a lot of information has to be processed quickly, overstimulation can cause the nervous system to be permanently alert and obstruct important bodily functions that usually help regeneration (i.e., insomnia, disturbed digestion, unfocussed ness, skin eczema).

Herbs can help the brain to calm down by having an appeasing effect on the nervous system. When engaging in relaxing and calming practices, herbs enhance these benefits and thus support regeneration and reduction of stress. However, if you have a physical or mental illness, you should consult your health specialist to verify risk-free consumption and to clarify the compatibility of any medication you may be taking.

Passion flower

Passion flower is often consumed in teas and has a sweet and floral taste. In natural medicine, it is used to calm the vegetative nervous system as it is believed to increase the amount of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain, a neurotransmitter responsible for calming down. This effect is believed to be linked to the compounds found in the Passionflower, such as flavonoids and alkaloids.

When consumed in moderation, the Passionflower is considered safe to use.


All the herbs and plants mentioned above can help to calm the nervous system. There are many ways to use them to benefit from their calming effect. If they are organically grown, they can be taken orally (spices, tea, food supplement). But it is also possible to let them have an effect through the sense of smell in aromatherapy, especially lavender, valerian, and chamomile. The plants and herbs are distilled as oils to concentrate their scent. As oils, they can then be further processed for bath oils, perfumes, room fragrances for diffusers, or also found in scented candles. Every person reacts differently to the various compounds in the plants. You can choose from the variety of herbs and plants offered by nature to find the one soothing you the best. For treating health issues, we advise you to contact your healthcare specialist.

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